McIntosh family in Richfield, Lincoln, Idaho

  John Sevier McIntosh was born 7 July 1886 at Ava, Douglas, Missouri. He left home at 16 years and went to California, Then on to Idaho where he obtained work for a Frank Gooding. In 1907 he moved to Richfield, Lincoln county, Idaho, shortly returning to Missouri he married Ruby Ellen Ketron and brought his bride back to Richfield where they lived their remaining lives.

 All of us were born and raised in Richfield. John Clifton was the oldest child. He grew up - ran off and joined the army and was stationed in Hawaii. There was no war going on then and you could buy a guy out. Dad finally bought him out to work on the farm. When Pearl Harbor Day came on December 7, 1941- Cliff was the first one to enlist from Lincoln County. He was a Master Sergeant, was sent overseas and was killed in 1944 in a tank that was blown up. He is buried in a military cemetery near Luxembourg.

Helen Marjorie was next and married Herbert Storey in 1941, He was from Missouri and worked for our father. They lived at the ranch until dad sold the farm and then they moved to Hill City, they had 3 sons.

Hubert Lincoln the third child worked at the grocery store and went one year to college. He joined the army  during WW11 and was stationed in Pocatello. He was an M. P. and Master Sergeant. One time when his prisoners beat __ out of him, he went to the hospital and Marge nursed him. They were married and had seven children.

I was next, Wilma Edith,  and married Edward Boger, we had 4 children.

Virginia Rose (Tiny). She took a beautician course in Boise and married Don Reynolds, they  had two children. He was a floor sander.

Carl was next and joined as soon as he finished high school. He was injured in 1944. He was in a fox hole and the Germans were strafing. He said the plane went over once, and he looked up to see if it was coming back. It was! They carried the wounded into hospitals, and cared for the ones they thought would recover first. They figured Carl would die so only gave him penicillin. When they got around to him his intestines were hanging out- he had part of an ear off- a hole thru his head and so many shrapnel wounds you couldn't count them. He was in the hospital there for a long time, then they flew him back to Spokane. Six doctors operated on him for 8 hours. They put tubes in his guts, put them back in and sewed him up. He had 8 pieces of shrapnel in his brain. They decided not to operate. Nature built a coating around them and they said he'd live until they moved. He was deaf in one ear. He eventually came home and lived with us and went to the deaf and blind school. Moving to Boise he bought a house and lived by himself. In November 1963 the shrapnel apparently had moved and he was found dead at his home.

Last was Lois Arlene. She went to business school in Twin Falls. Later she married Tom Woodson.

Written by Wilma Edith McIntosh Boger